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  • As demonstrated by Mak and colleagues ER


    As demonstrated by Mak and colleagues, ERβ is known to be a part of the NFκB-HIF-1α signaling pathway during hypoxia as well as chronic inflammation of prostate (Mak et al., 2015), therefore in the next part of the study, we evaluated whether ZEA-induced ROS production is also associated with NFκB-HIF-1α signaling. As previously observed, a decrease in the HIF-1α Procainamide HCl is associated with RelA, RelB and p52 expression (van Uden et al., 2008). We demonstrated that ZEA caused a significant decrease in the HIF-1α as well as RelA expression, whereas the addition of PHTPP caused an increase as compared to ZEA treatment alone. Similar effect was observed for the expression of FOXO3 known to be involved in immunity of cancer cells (Deng et al., 2018). The results suggest that NFκB-HIF-1α signaling pathways might be involved in ZEA-induced oxidative stress, however, this statement needs a confirmation in further Procainamide HCl studies.